Is Windows 12 Released?

Days until Linux Windows 12 is officially released

Windows 12 is planned to be released in 2024


You can check which version of Windows you are using by opening the System Information window. To do this, press the Windows key + R on your keyboard to open the Run dialog box. Type
and press Enter. The System Information window will open and display the Windows version.

About Microsoft Windows

Windows is an operating system developed by Microsoft. The OS runs on many different brands of desktops and laptops around the world. From Dell to HP, to other brands like Lenovo, Windows is at the core of their functioning since their earlier versions. Talking about the most popular operating system used throughout the world bears significant weight. A lot of the world’s biggest businesses likely run windows in their offices for all kinds of extremely important work. Maybe more relevantly, around 85% of the computers around the world run some version of Windows. Windows even has made its way into pop culture, with the traditional sounds, Windows XP landscapes, and many more relatable contents that go to show the immense popularity of the operating system.

People use Windows to simply log in to their computer and find a familiar and simple-to-use interface that compartmentalizes tasks in the way that the name suggests “Windows”. I am using a Windows machine to type this article while listening to music in another window. Somebody else might be using it to sort massive datasets, while a gamer somewhere else is running cutting-edge 4K graphic video games with their Windows machine. Windows has its flaws, like slowing down older hardware with the myriad of innovative features that it brings and being less efficient with resources than maybe some Linux distributions. Still, there are multiple reasons why people keep choosing Windows to live their virtual lives along with the many other applications that live in their machines. I attribute this to the structured sense of the operating system, as well as an admittedly large factor of tradition. You can visually sort your desktop, and you can visually sort your tasks in the Windows bar in a way that is so intuitive that a kid could sit down and do it.

Windows has a number of interesting features, perhaps one of the most flashy being Windows's answer to Apple’s Siri, Cortana. Cortana is a virtual assistant that is constantly being updated to be able to handle more and more complex tasks, from sending emails, to scheduling things in the native Windows calendar. It can join Teams meetings and work with other Microsoft software seamlessly, as well as look for information in external browsers that Microsoft is not a developer of. Windows computers also come with Windows Defender, a free antivirus and protection software that is very welcome in today’s cyber landscape, where hacking techniques and harmful viruses lurk in most corners of the internet.


The current version of Windows is simply known as Windows 10, which keeps getting updated almost monthly to patch bugs, correct drivers, reinforce security or simply add more features. It is constantly said that there will be no Windows 11, only additions to the current Windows 10.